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In November 2020, I became the first open supporter of QAnon to be elected to the United States Congress. Despite criticism from Democrats, Republicans, and the media for my belief in this dangerous conspiracy theory, I remain a prominent national figure and a member of Congress.

I will continue to be dangerous and make ridiculous claims. Do I believe all of this? Who cares? My goal is to take this country down and do what I can to secure a dictatorship. Watch me closely.

Below is a short list of my most popular beliefs. This website will continue to expand so please feel free to send in new information.
The QAnon conspiracy theory, which holds that Donald Trump is secretly fighting a worldwide child-sex-slavery ring that was supposed to culminate in the mass arrest of his political opposition, is “worth listening to.”

Muslims don’t belong in government.

9/11 was an inside job.

Shootings at ParklandSandy Hook, and Las Vegas were staged.


Zionist supremacists” are secretly masterminding Muslim immigration to Europe in a scheme to outbreed white people.

Leading Democratic officials should be executed.

A wealthy Jewish family used a supervillain satellite to start California’s devastating Camp Fire.

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