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Delivering No Results My First 2 Years

 I am a prime example of the party's extreme new direction.

I've made clear my support for QAnon conspiracies and have even endorsed the idea of executing Democratic leaders. While campaigning for office in 2020, I posed with a custom AR-15 pistol in my campaign ads and presented myself as a "Trump mini-me,"

This may seem insane, but I'm a MAGA warrior.

Remember that I was removed from all of my committees by the Democratic-led House in February 2021 after a series of past posts advocating the execution of Democratic members of Congress and embracing elements of the QAnon conspiracy were unearthed online.

Committee work – particularly for a freshman in the minority party – is the backbone of many Members’ experience. It’s how you learn the intricacies of how Congress works. And it’s how you build relationships – both in and out of your party – with your colleagues. 

I have none of that. Sworn in on January 3, 2021, I was ousted from my committees roughly a month later. Which leaves me with a whole lot of free time during my days as a member of Congress.


Here's legislation I wasted my time with. By the way, these ALL FAILED:

1. A bill to award Kyle Rittenhouse a Congressional Gold Medal

2. A bill to eliminate the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

3. A bill to give Congressional Gold Medals to police officers who served during various Black Lives Matters marches around the country in 2020.

4. The No Funding for Terrorists Act

5. The We Will Not Comply Act (The bill would ban any discrimination based on whether or not you’ve received the Covid-19 vaccine.)

6. The Fire Fauci Act

7. The Protect America First Act

8. The Gun Owner Privacy Act

9. The Second Amendment Preservation Act

10. A bill that would impeach President Joe Biden for his role in the pullout of American troops from Afghanistan

11. A bill that would impeach Biden

12. A(nother) bill that would impeach Biden

13. A bill to remove California Rep. Maxine Waters from the Financial Services Committee

14. A bill that would expel Waters from Congress

15. A bill honoring Michael D’Angelo Garigan

16. A(nother) bill that would impeach Biden

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